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Welcome to Cinema_Movies. This is going to be a place where you can talk about new or old movies. Share your thoughts on a particular movie, share your reviews, or any other incite on the movie companies. Please read the rules before joining the community. If your movie/movies are not listed post about it and I'll add it to the Interests on the info page.


Introduce yourself once you join the community that way the other members can learn a little more about you and your favorite type of movies.
When introducing yourself to the community use this forum: Copy/Paste

Favorite Movie Genre:
Favorite Movie Company:
Favorite Movie[s]:
What Movie Have You Seen Recently? When? Where?:
What Movie/Movies Do You Plan To See Next?:
Do You Collect Anything From The Movie[s] That You See?:
Anything Else:


As with any community there shall be rules:
1. When talking about new movies that were released recently in theaters please use [lj-cut]for spoilers. Some people don’t care for spoilers before they go see the movie.

2. Keep the community at least between G - PG-13.

3. No cussing even in movie quotes. No placing of star/symbols in place of cuss words

4. Please be mature and don’t use Internet slang. Slang can become annoying, especially when trying to figure out what you’re saying.

5. No posting of nude pictures or anything of that nature. I make the call.

6. No bashing others opinions. Everyone has the right to say what he or she thinks of a movie as long as it’s in good criticism.

7. If you wish you may post fan art, fan fiction, journal icons, or banners. If they include spoilers or it’s a lengthy entry please use [lj-cut].

8. If at all possible please do not start any religious, gay, homosexual, debates. Sometimes these conversations can get heated. These shall be deleted.

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Banning of a member:
I will use the strike three systems. Members will first receive a warning before the first offense is taken. If anymore of the rules are broken, another action shall be taken. After the third offense you will be banned from the community.

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