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The Kite Runner

About Where Moviegoers Go

Previous Entry The Kite Runner Jan. 7th, 2008 @ 07:02 pm Next Entry

My first post here. =)
Nickname[s]: Bibi/Khani, real name is: Bianca 
Location: Germany
Favorite Movie Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Favorite Movie Company: Dharma Productions
Favorite Movie[s]: Kal Ho Na Ho [Bollywood-Movie], Halloween, The Pursuit of Happyness, Titanic
What Movie Have You Seen Recently? When? Where?: The Kite Runner, Yesterday [look down there]
What Movie/Movies Do You Plan To See Next?: The Golden Compass, P.S. I love You
Do You Collect Anything From The Movie[s] That You See?: sometimes the tickets

The Kite Runner.
The movie to the book I never got to read although I always wanted so badly. I'm not sure whether I still want to read it, maybe in a few years, it's probably a Forest Gump thing... But the movie was beautiful! I cried at some scenes, quiet a few scenes actually, but I was really bawling when he read the letter and in the end, when he stood up against his father-in-law for the boy and during the whole end scene with the kites.

For you, a thousand times over. [click for a little picspamming if that's allowed, no spoilers implied!]

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