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Hairspray - no spoilers - -:- Cinema Movies -:-

About Hairspray - no spoilers

Previous Entry Hairspray - no spoilers Aug. 30th, 2007 @ 12:31 am Next Entry

I've just arrived home from Hairspray pre-release here in Portugal. I won two tickets and I went with one of my work colleagues, Ana. She's awesome so nice to me, I really have to say thank Gods for letting me meet people like those I met there. I don't even notice the gap between our age which  is hugeeeeeee.

About the movie... it was FANTABULASTIC *is happy* I loved John Travolta, what a huge role he played... Michelle Pfeiffer was astonishingly perfect to be hated. 

The songs were amazing, but I always love musicals so... The protagonist was so nice :)

I have to refer that I didn't appreciate much Queen Lattifah, but what a surprise. I've already watched her on Chicago, but here I LOVED HER, her work and her voice.

If you have already watched it, please tell me something.

*going to bed*
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